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  • Maccabi

    Application Development, Content Management System

    When Maccabi Tel-Aviv basketball club came to us to spearhead their mobile platform, we knew it would be no small task. The 5-time Euroleague Champion and 49-time Israeli League champion has one of the most loyal fan-bases in all of sport. We knew immediately that our product would be scrutinized closely.

    Maccabi was very open-ended with their feature set and general manager Eli Drikes gave us a simple mandate to create the ultimate team app for the fans. After reaching the #1 spot in the Sports section of the Israeli App Store, Mozign can proudly proclaim “Mission Accomplished!”

    The layout of the app is designed to look like iOS itself with 9 self-contained “apps within an app”. The design of the application contains all custom graphics including the 9 icons for each of the features. The features encompass all that you’d expect from a team app including roster, news, videos, live game scores, schedule, standings, social media support, arena map, and more.

    The content of the in-app features is managed by a web-based Content Management System (CMS) that Mozign created from scratch. The CMS, currently dubbed Maccabi Manager, is a key part of the app since it allows the app’s content to be updated without submitting a new version of the app for approval in the App Store.

    Click below to view the app description in the App Store for a detailed description of all the features.

  • Hook Book

    Application Development, Logo, and Microsite

    Hook Book is the ultimate “black book” for the digital age. Think of it as a contacts list on steroids, but without the shrivel effect.

    As a personal relationships manager (PRM), Hook Book organizes your love interests’ contact info, calendar, photo reel, and messenger all in one place, separate from all else.

    Nobody wants their boss or sister looking through their “private” photos. Hook Book ensures you no longer need to worry about this embarrassing situations as your love life is safely hidden from prying eyes. With its own layer of password-protect every time you open the app, you no longer need to fear loaning your phone to a friend.

    Hook Book is the brainchild of Kace Phillips, a Dallas-based entrepreneur. Kace originally came to Mozign with a simple addressable problem. He wanted all of his “personal” contacts to be managed in a place where they would not be lost among all his ordinary contacts. Kace is constantly thinking of ways to enhance Hook Book, so be sure to look out for updates!

  • Chip Chirp

    Chip Chirp is the first mobile social network built exclusively for poker players. Chip Chirp enables users to send out live statuses (“chirps”) to update fans on your performance at poker tournaments.

    As a poker specific social network, Chip Chirp has a poker suits keyboard built into the User Interface. Chirps include a field to post your chip counts so that the user can store these numerically and track their progress throughout the session.

    Chip Chirp utilizes Twitter Connect to dual post chirps as tweets.

    Chip Chirp was developed as a joint venture with No Limits Labs. Originally conceived by Phil Gordon and David Kullmann, Chip Chirp was a featured patch on Phil Gordon during the 2011 NBC National Heads Up Championship in Las Vegas.

  • Gotta Meet

    Application Development

    Gotta Meet is a handy introduction widget that allows users to quickly introduce people to one another.

    This iPhone app has proven very useful in situations like industry conferences or speed-dating. This is because in situations like these, you can’t always depend on the other person taking down the contact info of the friend or colleague you’d like to introduce them to. Gotta Meet allows you to take down their contact info and immediately share it with your friends or colleagues.

    Gotta Meet, though minimalist in design, has some sleek features worth checking out. A notable feature is the “Mozign Microphone” for voice recording, something developed specifically for this application despite its obvious potential for broader uses. Another cool feature developed just for this app is the Contact Selector which allows the user to select multiple contacts in one view. To check out these aforementioned features, please download Gotta Meet for FREE.

    Gotta Meet is the pet project of Rafe Furst, poker champion, angel investor and social entrepreneur. Rafe approached us to create the app for his organization Accelerating Possibilities. Rafe told us “This tool allows me to do introductions without interrupting the flow of conversation. I’m sure other people have this challenge too. It also serves the mission of Accelerating Possibilities in that this sort of well-placed casual intro is at the core of what an Accelerator does.”

  • App Aces

    Logo, Gamble Guide App Development

    Gamble Guide was Mozign’s first project. Oren, Mozign co-founder and casino enthusiast, came to Sean, Mozign co-founder and Computer Scientist, with an idea for a hobby project. 6 months later, Gamble Guide was in the App Store. The app was published by App Aces, an LLC formed specifically to publish Sean and Oren’s hobby projects. 6 months after the launch of Gamble Guide, Mozign was formed as way to pursue app development as a full-time endeavor.

    We like to think of Gamble Guide as a glorified e-book on how to play casino games. All the content was uniquely penned by Oren and a few of his casino buddies. The app features instruction on the rules, trivia, strategy tips of 10 popular casino games as well as an expansive glossary for quick-and-easy reference. Gamble Guide also includes handy pocket guides with odds charts for games like the Blackjack Decision Matrix and the Craps Pay Table.

    Please click BELOW to download Gamble Guide for FREE

  • Mozign

    Brand, Logo, Site Design

    For Mozign, this site was a rare opportunity for SELF-expression. Because we’re so accustomed to meeting clients’ specs, it was a unique challenge to compose a work with literally no external directive. We knew immediately that we wanted it to showcase our team, talent and portfolio, but after several design iterations it became clear that we were trying to do too much. It was only when we opted to prioritize simplicity that we began to arrive at a design we’re proud to call our own. Employing all custom graphics and code, you won’t find a site just like it anywhere on the web!

    The site features are plain as we intentionally restricted ourselves to the basics. We utilized a lot of nifty jQuery and Javascript to achieve the site’s interactive elements. From the graphical side, we emphasized subtlety over grandiosity. The site is optimized for social media as we display our most recent tweets and RSS titles in the footer of each page.

    We had a lot of fun with this site and we hope you check back here often for Mozign updates or just to search for Easter Eggs ;)

  • Scholar Locker

    Name, Logo, Site Design

    Mozign was approached by a trio of Harvard Medical Students about a site concept with the mission of animating medical education. Since the 3 co-founders do not have a professional background in Design, Programming, or Marketing, they relied on Mozign’s help to go from concept to functional site design. Along the way, we refined the concept considerably, coining the name “Scholar Locker” and designing the accompanying logo.

    When the trio first came to Mozign, the project was called DavaShare and the team was nicknamed the “MEDesign Team”. When the trio described the product, they relied on comparisons to analogous products, like Google, YouTube, or Wikipedia. The goal of the project was to help medical students share popular sources of videos, images, and text related to their course material.

    The project lacked a core differentiating feature to accomplish this goal and lacked a brand identity to make the project memorable or relevant. As a result of early design proofs, the concept of a locker to store the resources came about and suddenly the core feature of the site became the locker. The locker is a cloud-based storage unit that can be locked or unlocked for sharing purposes. This allows for public sharing of resources like videos, illustrations and publications, and private sharing of notes and study guides. Soon after, the name Scholar Locker arose as the natural choice for the name of the site.

    Scholar Locker, like Facebook, launched in private beta for people with e-mail accounts that end in “harvard.edu”. Scholar Locker’s expansion plans are still a mystery and the site itself is not open for the public.

  • Oneiroi Tech

    Brochure, Logo, Site Design

    Oneiroi developed an innovative concept for hotel asset tracking. They needed our help to go from concept to pitch-worthy startup venture. We developed a brand identity, logo, pitch flip-book, and informational website to get them on their way.

    Oneiroi’s flip-book presented a unique design challenge in that we had to illustrate complex interactions without any physical examples to photograph. Since the purpose of the flip-book was to obtain a test hotel for product alpha, we had no existing installations to work with. Instead, Mozign worked very closely with Oneiroi to go from abstract product vision to presentable visualization, using a custom layout and graphics to help tell the story. We also created detailed mockups for UI concepts of an accompanying website and mobile app.

    Along with the flip-book, Mozign created a logo for Oneiroi. The logo drew inspiration from the name Oneiori, the Greek God of dreams, as well as from RFID, the core technology behind the product. In less than one week, Mozign rolled out a companion site that featured a condensed web version of the pitch